Technological advancements are continuing at rapid speed, changing many aspects of our daily lives – from how we do business to how we spend our leisure time. 

At Lead Dog Digital, a local digital advertising agency in Tyler, TX, we want our clients to stay informed on the latest technological advancements in digital marketing. Right now, the big hot topic is AIArtificial Intelligence

What is AI?

First, What is AI? Artificial Intelligence is a type of computer software programmed to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. Siri, Alexa, and Google Home are some of the most popular multi-purpose AI. 

AI can be programmed to do just about anything – process languages, write music, create artwork, code computer programs, and so much more. There are varying levels of sophistication in AI. Some AI has very limited capabilities and can perform a few basic tasks. Some AI is on-par with human intelligence, and some AI programs have surpassed human intelligence. 

However, AI is less intelligent than it sounds; it doesn’t actually think or reason. Rather, it studies a multitude of writings, images, and languages already created by real humans. Then, using its’ “study material,” the AI can perform the desired task by formulating an appropriate action or response. 

What is AI Chat?

AI Chat, or Chatbots, are AIs programmed to respond to a real human via chat messages online. You’ve likely seen a chatbot during your internet browsing. The first message is usually a prompt similar to: “Hello! Is there anything I can help you with today?” Since AI’s “intelligence” can vary, these Chatbots can have very simple, basic linguistics and responses or incredibly advanced and sophisticated responses. Typically free-to-use AIs are more basic, while the more advanced AI has a cost. 

Less advanced Chatbots may have trouble understanding multiple questions asked at the same time or difficulty understanding casual, colloquial expressions. While a more advanced AI chat has the capability to write a full novel if asked. 

How is AI Chat Changing Business?

Computerized automation has been slowly changing how we do business. We’ve moved from cash transactions to swiping a credit card to ordering online. Customers will often opt for the self-checkout line to avoid small talk with a cashier. The faster pace of the 21st-century attempts to make errands and daily tasks easier and more efficient through computerization. 

AI Chatbots can be used in a few different ways for a business. The most obvious use for an artificial intelligence chat message is to use the tool as a customer service representative. This is the “Hello! How can I help you today?” type of chatbot. When customers visit a business’s website, it’s typically for some kind of question, inquiry, or task to do with that business. An AI Chat box will automatically pop up for customers on the website for any type of assistance. 

Pros and Cons of Ai Chat for Customer Service

There are pros and cons to this amazing, quickly developing new technology. To make it easy, we’ve compiled the pros and cons into a neatly arranged list: 


  • Faster Response Time for Customers 
    • AI Chat Boxes offer immediate responses since the computer is always available and ready with a response. 
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
    • The quicker response time leads to increased customer satisfaction when their questions or concerns are answered efficiently.
  • Decrease Labor Cost
    • When a computer is doing the work, there’s less need for more employee labor costs. 
  • 24/7 Customer Support 
    • Because a computer never needs to sleep, customers can be assisted immediately at any time. 
  • Writing-Based AI Services, like ChatGPT, Are Continually Advancing 
    • AI Chat Boxes like ChatGPT are continuing to study more pre-recorded writings from people and are therefore becoming more and more advanced, capable of writing poetry, music, emails, essays, website code, and answering questions. 


  • Limited Responses for Customers 
    • While there are and continue to be many advancements, most AI is relatively new and simple, only providing limited responses.
  • Simple Linguistics 
    • Less advanced AI have a harder time recognizing casual colloquialisms or answering multiple questions. 
  • Customer Could Become Frustrated 
    • As advanced and efficient as AI can be, it can also be fickle, which may increase customer frustrations. 
  • Smarter, Complex AI Could Cost More 
    • While more advanced AI Chat Boxes are available, it may cost more than a simpler AI Chat. 

What is ChatGPT

There are other ways AI Chatbots can be used for business outside of customer service. All websites need written content to describe what services or products are being offered. Corporate mission statements, employment pages, and product or service descriptions all need a writer to write the content. However, some AI Chatbots, like ChatGPT, are advanced enough to write this type of content for you!

Outside of answering complex questions or inquiries, ChatGPT is capable of writing content for anything that needs to have written content – websites, resumes, movie scripts – anything is possible. 

The biggest benefit of using AI chatbots is cutting down on employee costs and having access to readily available content. But, of course, AI can be fickle as a developing technology. Sometimes working with people can be more predictable than the machine. 

At Lead Dog Digital, we’re very interested to see the continuing advancements of AI and how businesses will continue to change alongside it. If you’re curious about how computerized automation can improve your business, contact your local digital advertising agency to see what can be incorporated!