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CPV | Google Ads Video Network

Let us put your video spot in front of your true potential customers on YouTube and the Google Ads Video Network which reaches other non-Google video advertising website properties. Video can reach people in a certain location, those who speak a specific language, or those with a particular interest.

We have a full video production department that can create online video spots, including sequential storytelling videos. Link to the 3 Anytime Fitness pickle sequential videos.

As with all of our Digital Marketing services, we provide full reporting of your advertising campaigns. Through comprehensive reviews of campaign data, we are able to adjust and refine your advertising campaigns for even greater performance.

How are we able to create success for our clients with online video advertising?

  • Precise audience targeting such as people “In the market for your service or product”.
  • Re-marketing to people who have visited your website.
  • Demographically by age, gender, parents, marital status, education and homeownership.
  • Affinity: Interests and habits.
  • Life Events: Just Graduated, Married, Job Change, Moving, Buying Home, Retired.
  • Specific Searches done on Google.

Want to find out if Video – YouTube advertising with Google Ads can take your business to the next level? Give the Google Certified professionals at Lead Dog Digital in Tyler a call.

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