Local SEO

Keeping You Relevant Locally

When owning a local business, it is vital to increase your online presence on a LOCAL level.

Take Google Google Business Profiles for instance. Most local business searches will focus on local results, so don’t let your competitors outrank you. If you’re not on top of the search results, then you’re losing customers to the competition in your town and surrounding areas. That makes ranking high in your local search results of the utmost importance.

At Lead Dog Digital we use a multi-pronged approach for local SEO management.

Three important factors must be prioritized when ranking locally. Proximity, prominence and relevance are the 3 factors that determine if your business will appear at the top of the local Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a specific search term.

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With these 3 factors driving our local SEO strategies and implementation, we are able to help bring your business to the forefront in your local communities.

  • Proximity

    Search engines have different ways to determine where a searcher is, most likely based on zip codes and/or geo-coordinates.

  • Prominence

    Search engines are looking to see how well-known your business is. Search engines look at a variety of sources available on the web like your links, the number and quality of your reviews, and user engagement.

  • Relevance

    The third local SEO factor. Search engines determine how well a company matches what the user is looking for. In order to be relevant in local searches, you can't simply fill out and update your Google My Business account. That simply won't put you ahead of your competitors in a digital world.


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