About Us


At our office in the Azalea District of Tyler, we work with a zeal to help your business succeed. Drawing from our extensive experience, which range from entrepreneurship to being executive leaders in large corporations. Our focus is on generating leads and/or contacts for you.

We have 19 years of web developing experience that include work with companies such as FOX51, KNUE, ETMC, and the East Texas Food Bank. We also have business developing experience across the fields of software, real estate, automotive, and healthcare industries. Here at Lead Dog Digital we follow the philosophy that digital advertising is the thread that ties all other marketing and advertising efforts together. Study after study have exposed the power of social media and reviews in validating a product or service. Such as a report from CBSnews.com saying an individual is now exposed to 5000 ads per day from the new emphasis on digital advertising. It is our belief that the proper digital footprint funnels advertising, social media, and research to a business. Digital advertising is becoming the modern tool for turning potential into revenue.

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  • Texas Free Market Surgery
  • Add-Life Covery Center
  • La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries
  • ETR