Haley Holcomb - senior graphic designer at Lead Dog Digital Tyler TX is standing in the yard.


senior graphic designer

Say hey to Haley Holcomb, our Senior Graphic Designer! She’s our newest addition at Lead Dog Digital, and we are so excited to have her on board! After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and her Associate’s Degree in Mass Communication, Haley has been working in media for over 5 years, with over 10 years of design experience. From magazine design to digital ads to event logos, Haley’s done it.

The entire Adobe Creative Suite may as well be stamped on the back of her hand for how well she knows it. Like the true creative that she is, Haley’s main mode of stress relief is doodling. Her infectious laugh and bright spirit make such a wonderful addition that her ability to produce content at lightning speed is really just a perk. If you guessed Avenir as her favorite font, you would be correct.


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