Statler Lewis - digital marketing specialist at Lead Dog Digital Tyler TX, sitting and wearing blue shirt.


digital marketing specialist

Statler Lewis is our Facebook Ads Manager. He’s been a beaming light of positivity on the Lead Dog Digital team for over 3 years. Statler’s primary focus is working with the Facebook Audience Network and analyzing data across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to get the best possible results with our clients’ social media ads. As he says “Although I have very soft and tender hands, it feels great to be able to work with those hands and see the difference in the company that the ads produce.”

He has also run dropshipping ad campaigns, which he’s had a lot of fun with. Statler is a fan of the classics and the bold, so it’s no surprise to discover Helvetica as his favorite font. We also love that Statler can give us the daily news in all things sports, so we never miss a beat!


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