Sandy Stewart - office manager at Lead Dog Digital Tyler TX is standing under the tree.


office manager

Sandy is our Office Manager here at Lead Dog Digital. Sandy has 30 years of advertising experience under her belt and plays a huge role at Lead Dog Digital keeping operations running smoothly. As Office Manager, Sandy oversees client budgets, buying traditional media, and billing and accounting for our traditional and production sister companies.

Sandy has been part of our team since 2002 and previously worked as an office manager for T.C.I. Cable Advertising, where she helped expand their markets to over 50 local networks.

Sandy enjoys what she does because the sheer variety of tasks leads to many diverse forms of work – nothing ever feels stale! Through her years in the marketing industry, she has found listening to be the most important skill, as it is the best way to learn. She remembers being told as a child, “You have one mouth and two ears, so you should listen twice as much.” At the time, she thought it was just a clever way for adults to quiet noisy children, but she soon learned the truth in that saying.


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