What do you look for in a logo as a potential or returning customer?

What is it about a business’ graphic art or logo that makes you stop and want to know more, or that holds it in your mind? We are a visual world. TV, cell phones, tablets, computers, billboards, magazines, etc., all rely on their visual engagement to appeal to their audience and generate revenue. But it’s not that simple.

How do you connect your logo/look/visual aspects of advertising your business and the customer? That’s where a graphic design professional(s), working with an experienced team of website developers and marketing experts, will bring together the visual aesthetic of your business.

Good digital marketing, social media advertising, and advertising, in general, owe their success to good design aesthetics and excellent graphic designers/graphic artists, combined with trained and experienced marketers who mix the business’ look with web design, website development, reputation marketing, SEO, PPC, and more.

A truly stellar marketing and advertising business is a team that’s composed of experienced graphic designers in addition to digital and traditional marketing experts.

In today’s digital business world, “graphic design” is now a template you can download or a quick, inexpensive purchase on any number of sites that claim to hire “graphic design experts. “While these are generally free or inexpensive graphic design options you could pursue, do you really want to cut corners on the most visible aspect of your business? Chances are, No. This is why it’s worth it and more to hire a digital advertising agency like Lead Dog Digital Advertising Agency located in Tyler, Texas, to help you showcase your business, brand, and logo in the best possible way.

Graphics are critical to your company’s marketing success. In today’s global business world, there’s a lot of competition out there. If your business doesn’t catch the attention of your potential customers right away, you’ve generally already lost their business to another company. In addition to being eye-catching, your graphics also need to be memorable.

Person with an open laptop and a notepad creating a new product

What comes to mind when you think of a leading brand in terms of their graphic design? Coca-Cola is a great example of a successful and timeless graphic design concept. While their logo might have been adapted many times across the decades, the red and white color scheme, along with the classic font signature, will always bring “Coca-Cola” into our minds whenever we see them combined.Such memorability that holds true throughout generations can be achieved for your business with the help of a graphic designer and marketing team.

Cohesion is important to have across various platforms. Graphic designers can help you create not just a logo, but a cohesive look for your business and website, from the display banner advertisement at the top of your website, to your YouTube video advertising, and all across your traditional and digital marketing. Graphic art is combined with digital marketing to bring it all together.If you click on a website and are immediately turned off by their design choices—maybe it looks hurried; the design details are unappealing; things don’t match up or look cheaply done—are you likely to choose that business to spend your money with?Probably not.

Despite what anyone says to the contrary, first impressions matter. Especially in today’s online global marketplace, where you can find dozens of other options to put your money behind at just the click of a button.Visually, it’s crucial to capture your customer’s attention immediately. You need your logo and graphic design concept to stand out and be memorable.

The same goes for online advertising. How are you going to make your ad stand out from all the dozens of other ads people see on their screens on a daily basis? A solid logo and appealing creative design concept can make all the difference.Too often, people overlook the fact that your graphics should mesh with your business’ branding. This is another area where hiring a professional graphic design team with an experienced marketing team can significantly impact your business’s success.

Graphic design is all about communication. Communication between your business, potential customers, and long-term customers. A good design helps build trustworthiness and credibility with your clients.When customers see your branding, design, and logo, they should experience positive emotions and associations. Hiring a professional digital marketing and web design company with an experienced team who understands this relationship and how to make it come about will help shape your business’ success.

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc., are not only excellent, inexpensive, and sometimes even free places to advertise. They’re also great visual platforms to showcase your logo and aspects of your graphic design style. Especially if you’re marketing across multiple platforms—which most people are these days—you want your graphic design concept and logo to be immediately recognizable. Your design theme should be consistent and identifiable across all these platforms. Customers are a lot less likely to see you as credible and reliable if there’s no consistency to your design, logo, and design theme.

How do you want your business to be seen? Your logo?Contact web design experts like Lead Dog Digital today, and make your company’s graphic design something that brings you business now and for many years to come.