In today’s digital advertising world, social media reaches millions of consumers every day. Facebook has the ability to help you reach them. However, it does take some specialized knowledge to make sure your ads are optimized for the most valuable placement and greatest possible reach.

Did you know?

Facebook prioritizes ads based on their Relevance Score. Facebook’s Relevance Score is a ten-point system that lets you know how effective your ad is for your target audience. It is generally advised that a successful ad should be sitting in the 7-10 range. This score will be used to determine how frequently your ad will be shown and what the cost per click will be. In other words, the worse your ad is, the more expensive it will be to run it and the less likely it is that your audience will be reached.

So, how is the Relevance Score determined?

Unlike Google’s AdWords, Facebook’s Relevance Score isn’t based on an actual response to the ad, but rather, on the anticipated response. Facebook essentially determines the likelihood of your desired audience response being achieved by considering your campaign goals and audience specificity. Your score isn’t determined until it has been served 500 times, so smaller-budget ad campaigns will take quite a bit of time to receive a Relevance Score.

What does it take to receive a high Relevance Score?

The two key factors in a good ad are creative content and targeting. The more specific you can get with your target audience, the more likely you will be able to reach them with your ad. Say, for example, you have an ad targeted towards stay at home moms between ages 25 and 32. Because this group is more likely to share common similarities than a group comprised of all men and women aged 18-45, an ad specifically tailored to them is far more likely to garner the desired response. The less generic you can make your ad, the better your results will be.

Once you’ve established your target audience, you need to cater your ad specifically to this group. This means having high-quality, attention-grabbing images- something that will draw in your audience. It also means having engaging copy that is relevant to your target audience and has a clear call to action.

The Relevance Score isn’t just there to boost or smother your ad on Facebook. It is meant as a tool for your business to ensure that you’re reaching your target audiences in the most effective way. If your score is on the lower end of the spectrum, then you know that it’s time to reconsider your current strategy.

The Relevance Score is a good indicator of whether you and your team are doing something very right, or something very wrong. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Relevance Score is not static. You may have an ad that is doing amazing, but your audience will eventually tire of, or tune out, even the most engaging of advertisements. Frequently refreshing your ads is essential in maintaining audience engagement.

Monitoring your ad’s Relevance Score will give you a strong idea of when it is time to put something new out there and prevent your media presence from getting stagnant.

The Relevance Score can be a tricky metric to follow, but learning to harness this tool will help your business’ advertisements thrive on Facebook.

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