A study conducted by BrightLocal.com revealed that 88% of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review. (www.brightlocal.com, July 2014).

At LeadDog Digital we understand that online reviews play a vital role in turning potential customers into paying customers. Potential customers will more likely do business with you when they find positive reviews from those who have previously worked with or purchased from your business. Using our Reputation Management Strategy we make it a habit to regularly monitor the major review sites (Google, Facebook, Yelp, and YP.com) to discover what people are saying about your business, services, or products. Our proactive plan encourages happy customers to leave positive feedback while resolving negative feedback before it hits review sites.

Strategies for turning negative reviews into your advantage

Just as positive reviews can be a lifeline for your business, a single negative review, if mishandled or ignored, can send potential customers into the arms of your competitors. If you discover that someone is criticizing your brand or business, there are strategies that can defuse the situation and lessen the negative impact on your business’s reputation.

  1. Show that you care and are committed to connecting with and listening to your customers by responding to the review quickly.
  2. Unless the post is vulgar or offensive, do not delete it. Deleting a negative review could only make people angrier and reflect dishonest business practices which could lead to more critical reviews.
  3. If an apology is necessary, be real and transparent. This will help aid in the process of reconciliation.
  4. Create solutions for your customer and do what you need to do to resolve the situation. This will reinforce your commitment to customer satisfaction.

LeadDog Digital has the tools and expertise to help businesses manage their reputation. Although a negative review can be a disappointment for the business owner, if handled in a timely and professional manner, it allows a business to highlight its commitment to putting their customers first.