Our Work

“Plan your work and work your plan”
Vince Lombardi

Plan the Work

We know the value of discovery. In order to help your company achieve growth, we take the time to understand you [unique obstacles, opportunities, and expectations]. From there, we build a foundation based on each client’s competitors, history, and market. Allowing us to map out goals and align strategies for achieving them, this process will establish both a clear goal and a strategy for achieving it.

Define the Project and Aim.

  • Develop a big-picture communications strategic goal.
  • Clearly define the objectives.
  • Identify critical tactics.
  • More specifically, ask, “WHAT do you want to get WHERE?” This step can provide a good metric for feedback and the ongoing evaluation of the program.
  • Incorporate the appropriate feedback loop.
Work the Plan

Once your company’s goal has been determined and the obstacles to success have been identified, the preplanned details will be systematically executed by following the action steps:

  • Select the quality standards to be adopted.
  • Schedule the process of implementation.
  • Complete the design.
  • Analyze the context. (In thisstep, the interaction between the content writer and the customer is crucial.)
  • Refine the process.
Analyze and Refine

At Lead Dog Digital, we don’t just expect results: we measure our methods for effectiveness. Specifically, we review our tasks and their outcomes on a daily basis and grade them as either victories or opportunity for improvement. By using metrics and insight tools we can constantly evaluate our methods and split test to achieve maximum success. We know success is not stagnant and requires constant evaluation, by analyzing our methods we can guarantee progress and efficiency.