Web Design

In today’s climate, your business or organization’s website is a very important part of whether you have a successful online presence. It is often the first impression that a consumer gets of your company. As such, your company’s website must be professionally and visually appealing, instilling potential customers with confidence that you are a legitimate entity.

Some of the features that we highly suggest you implement in your website are:
  • YouTube product or service videos
  • Customer/Client testimonials
  • Location mapping
  • Secure shopping cart (if you sell products)
  • Secure online payment acceptance
  • Social media integration
  • Feedback, surveys, and reviews
  • Answers to your most frequently asked questions
  • A calendar of events or sales
  • And, of course, all forms of contact information

There are many components that your website should have depending on your industry. Your selling points and products or services need to be presented with detailed text descriptions, photos, and even videos. Additionally, calls to action need to trigger “conversion points” in order to create sales that can be traced back to your advertising methods. These conversion points can be phone calls, emails or walk-ins with a coupon or sale special.

At Lead Dog Digital, we build sites that are programmed using the best industry standard methods. Mobile and smartphone usability is a must, something that is referred to as Responsive Design. The website must also be hosted in an environment that produces efficient speed and uptime. Also, there are specific layouts and programming that help determine search engine results. You need not be concerned with the 200+ signals that Google uses in their algorithm to determine if a site will show up in search results. Let us put our years of experience to work for you.


There are many components that your website should have depending on your industry; your website is often your first impression and must instill confidence. Our team accounts for all of this and will design your website to be professional.


Things like responsive design (smartphone usability), conversion points, SEO, and efficient speed/uptime are a must and we will optimize your website to be secure for selling products and social media friendly.


We keep you in the loop every step in the way that way we can best capture your brand and install any/all features you deem important.