Reputation Marketing

Every customer creates a mental report card of your business after each transaction. Today, each consumer may post his or her opinion boldly for all to read. Do you know what has been posted about your company?

93% of U.S. consumers check online reviews at least some of the time before dining or shopping.
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Source: “Poll: 93% of Respondents Check Reviews Before Dining or Shopping.” Street Fight, 2012; Available from:

Because of this, managing your daily report card online is of the utmost importance when planning a digital strategy.

Our reputation marketing process

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The main concern, here, is that customers who have negative experiences are more likely to leave reviews than consumers with positive experiences. Our customized reputation-monitoring system allows us to help you increase your business’s positive reviews and effectively respond to and deal with any reviews that are less favorable.

In other words, the plan is to Convert Customers into Reviewers! Additionally, the plan allows us to Identify unhappy customers before they write reviews.

The results of these measures are real and impactful. Consumers with positive comments are promoted and encouraged to leave messages, and customers with issues are given an avenue to resolve these without broadcasting their disappointment. We manage and deliver reputation management, saving your business both time and customers.

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With our creative ideas your company can establish a presence across review sites
Create a report card

Establish a presence across review sites to evaluate the brands image.

With our smart marketing ideas we can encourage positive feedback for your business while resolving negative feedback
Manage the funnel

Respond to reviews and establish a funnel for all future reviews allowing us to monitor and respond effectively, promoting and encouraging positive feedback while resolving negative feedback before the customer broadcasts it.

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Constantly monitor and respond while implementing more efficient systems to save time and customers.