Direct Marketing

Direct marketing & billboards

Direct Mail:
  • Targets specific audiences and can split test for efficiency.
  • Much more personable than other types of advertising, especially if you add a personal touch to your letters.
  • Can track results via landing pages and redeemed coupons.
  • Can be combined with another service like Reputation Management for increased results from each, the visibility from direct mail leading to them looking you up and seeing the great reviews.
  • Tangible, something the customers can actually hold – postcards, brochures, letters coupons, etc. With QR codes and coupons you can give customers a reason to hang on to the mail.
Billboards provide high visibility for your company by displaying your ad to thousands of individuals a day. Additionally, since many people travel the same routes daily it has a great potential to stick. The immediate awareness that a billboard ad has is very beneficial for promotions, flash sales, or special events.
Our team will show you the effectiveness of direct marketing

Research the specific industry, its audiences, its competitors, and its best promotions.

Digital marketing strategy experts in Texas

Find your best audience of customers and target them through direct mail, split test two audiences with different mailing campaigns, or if brand awareness is your goal target everyone by using billboards.

We will carefully analyze the results and redefine marketing strategies for your company

Track campaigns with analytics and identify which other services may impact the current campaign the most and what measures should be taken to refine current campaign.