Melissa Werchan - website design, SEO director, content writer Lead Dog Digital Tyler TX


website design, SEO director, content writer

Melissa is our Director of Website Development and SEO. She fulfills many tasks working directly with clients and creating the websites they dream of. She’s been in the digital advertising business since 2017 but previously, Melissa worked for 25 years as a middle and high school English teacher. She found the transition into digital marketing quite natural, as she was used to efficiently and effectively advertising information with an intended result to the toughest audience – teenagers.

Melissa enjoys her work because, while it is similar to teaching, the nature of digital marketing is full of complex algorithms and the ever-changing state of the internet. She also finds engaging with businesses and forming partnerships with a shared goal to be deeply rewarding for both parties when they see positive results.

Melissa received her Master’s in the field of English and Literature Education from New York University. At age 50, Melissa packed her suitcase and moved to her current home in Isla Mujeres, a small island off the coast of Cancún, Mexico. Melissa has found her purpose and passion doing work she loves in her little island paradise! She says guests and clients are always welcome!


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